Tree damage is probably one of the major threats whenever there’s a hurricane. With strong rains and winds, a lot of beautiful and strong trees will still fall victim to any strong hurricane.

A lot of trees will certainly suffer major damages whenever a strong hurricane passes by. Limbs and branches might scatter throughout the ground and an entire tree might be uprooted.

Luckily, there are still ways that you can follow to ensure your tree will survive. This includes tree bracing and cabling.

If you want to avoid hiring a tree removal Charlotte NC company after a hurricane, here are several things you need to know about tree bracing and cabling.

Do Bracing and Cabling Help Trees Survive Hurricanes?

To make things simple, the answer is yes.

But, there are still things that you’ve got to consider. For instance, you have to make sure that you hire a professional arborist to offer bracing and cabling. This will ensure that the process is completed with the help of the safest and best standards. Upon completion, your tree will be able to pass a tree assessment.

For those who don’t know, a tree assessment will determine any dangerous weakness in your tree. That’s why it is an excellent way to know that your tree isn’t a threat anymore after the arborist installed braces and cables.

Advantages of Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing make your tree a lot less vulnerable to damage from the elements by offering extra structural support to different areas of the tree. For example, branches can’t freely move. This will lower the fractures and stresses caused by strong winds. This also means that there is less chance for the branches to snap off.

This offers clear safety benefits during a hurricane. In addition to that, it also drastically lowers the risks of possible death to the tree and property damage. A lot of trees that are cabled or braced will easily survive a hurricane.

Keep in mind that particular tree species are more vulnerable to damage from strong winds. This includes trees prone to multiple trunks and trees with open canopies.

How Does This Process Work?

Tree cabling and bracing is a technique utilized by professional tree care companies to add structural support to the tree. It includes adding durable cables and/or braces to a tree to help avoid potential failure or damage. Usually, this is done whenever there’s an upcoming hurricane.

For example, bracing and cabling includes installing durable steel cables around the tree’s trunks or branches. They will then connect these cables to the bracing bolts or rods. During this process, the arborist will also get rid of dead branches.

This process will help lower the movement of any healthy trunk and branches. It also provides extra support to any weak areas.

Usually, whether it is a split trunk at the tree’s base or branch cluster in the canopy, cabling and bracing are utilized to brace and support several tree trunks or limbs.